Perspective as a Mcescort Model

Are the Mcescort models also active internationally?
The Mcescort Models Escort Agency is happy about cosmopolitan, international clientele, VIPs and gentlemen from all metropolises of the world. The models accompany the gentlemen on business trips, holidays or city trips. If you are flexible and your schedule allows it, the agency will take care of the organisation of the trip. Our team will take care of the corresponding bookings and tickets.


What requirements should I fulfil as a future Mcescort model?
There are no prerequisites from us. We will gladly inform you about what has been requested by the guests in order to arrange appropriate bookings for you. Do you prefer to glide in heels over a five-star parquet floor while accompanying a cosmopolitan gentleman on a business trip or on holiday? Do you feel most at home in five-star hotels and at glamorous dinners? Do you excel in selected manners and can intuitively respond to your counterpart? Then you are at the right place with the Mcescort Models escort agency and you will be thrilled.
Which ladies is the Mcescort Models escort agency looking for?
The models captivate with their accessible and easy manner, with an inspiring body and are between 18 and 45 years old. You should be a student or professional - you consider your escort service as a lucrative sideline. You should be open to romantic dates and adventurous experiences. Does that sound like you? We look forward to receiving your application!
Is there an ideal MC Escort Model?
Any woman who presents her looks with confidence can be stunning and turn all men's heads. We are looking forward to escort models with a clothing size between 34 and 38 and a body height of at least 1.50 m. We assume that your figure and a flawless appearance are very important to you.

What are the advantages of an escort agency?

High Class Escortagentur Mcescort
MC Models Escort Agency is pleased to receive daily outstanding references from our national and international clientele, which includes gentlemen from every upscale professional field. CEOs, doctors, professors, VIPs and stars trust in our outstanding service and the associated discretion.
For years, we have built on these strong values and, thanks to our team, manage to offer an intuitive and easy booking process. Our service is characterised by discretion, reliability and pure ecstasy. Each escort date is individually tailored for our clients to create an unforgettable experience for both.
As a girl with Mcescort Models Escort you will be part of a top-class, internationally established escort agency, which is characterised by human competence and excellent service.
What distinguishes Mcescort-Models Escort from other agencies?
You can be sure that behind MC Models Escort Agency there is an experienced team that will face you with full transparency and reliability. We understand that only a happy model can also offer an inspiring service. Therefore, the honest dealings with the independent models is one of our pillars that supports and strengthens our agency.
If I have any further questions?
If you have any questions, you can contact the agency's management - which is a matter of course for us! In addition to the agency management, our team includes web designers, copywriters and marketing experts. In case of legal questions or concerns, we are supported and secured by a specialised law firm.
We owe our good working atmosphere and success to our trusting relationship in the team. Therefore, we look forward to getting to know you personally and building a reliable relationship. It is important for us to understand you and your dreams and goals in order to offer you and your guests an unforgettable experience.
You can rely on us to provide you with advice and support in all matters concerning your escort service. The entire team of Ivana Models works daily to offer you the perfect date and to arrange the best guests!
At what times is the Mcescort Models team available?
As an MC escort agency, we are available for you every day. Even if you want to call us during a date, we are at your disposal. It is important to us that you see us as a safe partner.
Does Mcescort Models actively advertise?
Mcescort Models has enjoyed many years of satisfied international clients and daily new enthusiastic references from all over the world. Our clientele of selected gentlemen increases with every escort date. In the office, the whole team works on the top placement on all common search engines. At the same time, we advertise on well-visited online platforms and in relevant magazines and journals. Thus we are happy about new enquiries and new clients every day. Advertising through objectionable media is not an option for us!
What is the clientele of Mcescort Models?
Our service is aimed exclusively at serious and upscale gentlemen. Among them are business executives, academics and VIPs for whom it is a standard to pay the highest possible fee for one of the leading escort services.
What costs will I have to pay?
Advertising on our website does not incur any additional costs or fees. You only pay for your photo shoot. This may be charged elsewhere in individual cases.
Commission to the agency
If you accept a referred client from us, a commission payment to the Mcescort Agency will be due and payable immediately when the appointment has taken place.
What guarantees does Mcescort Models offer me?
Seriousness and liquidity are checked by our team for each gentleman. During the date we offer you our availability at any time. Should you need legal advice, we can also mediate accordingly with our legal counsel.
Can I terminate my relationship with the agency at any time?
You alone determine the duration of our cooperation. Nevertheless, it is important to us that we have a long-term cooperation. If you are only interested in short-term earnings, you are unfortunately in the wrong place with us!
How is my personal data handled?
Your personal data is guaranteed to be treated confidentially and never passed on to third parties. After leaving our cooperation, all your data will be destroyed. Unless you would like to have it saved for a future collaboration.

The application process

High Class Escort Agency Mcescort
The personal interview gives us an impression of you, your dreams and your goals. It's not about your appearance, we want to get to know the person and build a trusting relationship. We are also interested in what appeals to you and what is completely taboo for you. This is only possible at eye level and requires a joint conversation to lay the foundation for a harmonious cooperation.
When and where do we meet for a personal conversation?
After you have applied for a placement with us, we will contact you for a meeting with our managing director. The company is based in Baar, Switzerland, but our meeting can of course also take place in Germany / Europe / Switzerland. We would be happy to suggest an appropriate hotel or restaurant where we can get to know each other. If you feel particularly comfortable in a certain bar, we can of course also meet there. The drinks are on us!
Can I also bring my own pictures?
We recommend taking new pictures so that your profile is consistent and matches the other profiles of the escort models.

Earnings and time periods

Which period of the escort date is remunerated?
It goes without saying that 100% of your time will be paid for - no question! There are no additional costs for you. Your guest pays for the entire date and bears the costs. All travel and incidental expenses are also borne by the gentleman. This of course includes all restaurant or bar visits, accommodation, spa sessions and much more.
How many escort dates do I have per month?
That is up to you and you alone. Which dates you want to go on is up to you. We do not expect a predetermined number of escort dates or appointments and do not want you to feel obligated.
How flexible am I in my time management?
Your part-time job as an escort model is very flexible. Escort models who have another job as their main occupation will be able to combine the escort dates well. Many of the ladies study on the side or are looking for an exciting part-time job in addition to their main job. You are free to decide how often you want to go on a date.
What costs should I expect on an escort date?
You do not have to expect any costs! All possible costs will be paid by your guest. There are no further costs for you.
Does Mcescort Models require me to travel?
Of course, only if you are willing. Many dates also take place outside of Germany and offer a great opportunity to get to know new cities.

Organisational matters and miscellaneous

How is mutual confidentiality ensured?
Discretion works both ways and it is important to us that your discretion is also respected. For this purpose, you will be shown in the photos with your face covered.
Can I choose the client before the escort date?
No. As soon as you decide to go on the date, we will provide you with the necessary information to maintain the discretion of the gentleman. You can be sure that we only arrange dates with upscale and classy gentlemen. If your guest does not suit you, you can cancel the date at any time.
Can I break off a date?
Yes, even if it doesn't happen often, not everyone is right for each other, that's human. If you decide to break off the date, we will of course respect that and not hold it against you in any way.
When do the escort dates take place?
The dates usually start in the late afternoon or evening. We schedule in advance so that you can plan enough time.
It is our claim and a prerequisite for booking that our models are accommodated in fine four or five star hotels and that the best possible conditions are created for the date together.